About Us

Who Are We

We are a soap and hygiene company with a Rock-N-Roll spirit. Inspired by the music we grew up with, music is in our soul. From 80's hair metal to 90's grunge and everything in between. We believe in being true to yourself, no matter who pop culture tells you to be.

We also care about our skin! We're tired of bathing with harsh synthetic detergents and want to get back to real! That's why were dedicated to using 100% natural colorants and fragrances in all our products and keeping them as real as we can.


Our Mission

We want to be more than just a brand who makes a product, we want to be a brand who starts a movement.


What Makes us Unique

Yeah, other people make soap. So why buy from us? Here’s what sets us apart from all the other guys.

-- We are natural --

Most store-bought “soaps” are not soap at all, but synthetic detergent bars containing harsh sulfates that are stripping to the skin. And even the ones that are true soap remove the naturally occurring glycerin, the most skin loving part of soap, all in the name of a slight increase in lather. This is why hand crafted soap is superior. But even if you go with handmade soap, most soap makers are still using synthetic fragrances and colors. We do not. We are dedicated to using ONLY natural fragrances and colorants and this will never change. 

And we don't stop there. In all our other products, in addition to using all natural colors and fragrances, we are dedicated to using at least 95% natural ingredients, with most products being 100% natural. We only use synthetics when there is no safe and effective alternative and we are dedicated to ensuring only safe ingredients are used.

-- We give back --

For every bar of soap sold, $1.00 goes into our community outreach fund. We are dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives after hitting rock bottom. But we believe in hand ups, not hand outs. From job creation to higher education, we're committed to helping people break the cycles of addiction, homelessness, and incarceration. Click here to learn more.

-- Made in the USA --

All of our products are made right here on American soil. Not only that, we strive to source our ingredients from US suppliers. We believe in supporting local economies and do our best to purchase from American businesses whenever possible.

Got questions, comments, feedback? Let us know.